10 per-cent increase in feed sales pumps up biomass

Aslak Berge

Fish in the sea are four per-cent heavier than 12 months ago.

At the end of September, 796,000 tonnes of salmon biomass in Norwegian fish farms were measured. This is an increase of four per-cent year on year, according to an overview compiled by the organisation Sjømat Norsk.

The main driver was increased feeding. During September, which is the high season for feeding fish, 224,000 tonnes of fish feed were sold. This is an increase of ten per-cent compared with September last year.

In comparison, 129,000 tonnes of salmon were exported during this month, an increase of three per-cent from 2019.

When the tonnage of feeding is higher than the volume of harvested fish, biomass will become heavier.

As salmon biomass increases, it means that there will be more fish to sell in the months to come. These fish will enter into a squeezed and weak salmon market, characterised by large shutdowns in the Horeca industry. SalmonBusiness reported last Friday that salmon prices were the lowest on record since 2015.


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