10,000 harvest size salmon die from red tide

editorial staff

Chilean salmon farmer Granja Marina Tornagaleones (Marine Farm) reported the mass mortality to Sernapesca.

Chile’s fishing and aquaculture authority Sernapesca writes that Marine Farm informed them that ten thousand Atlantic salmon, that had an average weight of 4.3 kg, have died from a red tide algae bloom.

The mass mortality happened in the Aysén Region, Chilean Patagonia, southern Chile but to date, no other salmon farms have reported any abnormal mortality due to algae or other causes have been detected in the area.

Sernapesca wrote that it is now monitoring the company’s actions in compliance with its contingency action plan.

Last week, SalmonBusiness reported that nearly a million fish died from similar reasons at an Invermar site in the Los Lagos region, also in southern Chile.


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