10,000-tonne-land-based trout farm to be built on grounds of 17th century Swedish castle

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Nordic Salmon plans to farm trout on land in Scania County, Sweden.

Entrepeneur Tore Lyng has established the company Nordic Salmon. According to a press release, the project will be carried out in close cooperation with Wrams Gunnarstorps Gods, a 16th-century estate which has its own castle, as well as other companies in the region.

Wrams Gunnarstorps Gods will rent out an area north of Gunnarstorp in Bjuv municipality, where the land-based facility will be located.

Location of site. MAP: Google

According to the press release, Lyng has been working on the project for three years. The plan is to produce 10,000 tonnes of trout annually.

“We have a greater demand for salmon and trout than we can deliver. Our new facility in Bjuv will deliver sustainably grown premium fish to Sweden, the EU and internationally. It is the good conditions in Bjuv municipality and especially the cooperation with Wrams Gunnarstorps Gods and other actors that led us to choose this place,” said Tore Lyng in the press release.

According to the Wrams Gunnarstorps Gods site, the castle was originally built as a hunting lodge intended for recreation with inspiration from France. It got its current appearance in the style of the Christian IV Renaissance in the middle of the 19th century when Rudolf Tornerhjelm lived here.

PHOTO: Wrams Gunnarstorps

The castle is surrounded by a paved courtyard with an octagonal fountain that already existed when Linnaeus visited the castle in 1749. The current owner is Rudolf Tornerhjelm and the castle has been in the family’s possession since 1839, today Rudolf and Amelie Tornerhjelm live in the castle.

Rudolf Tornerhjelm said that they have a tradition of cooperation with professional companies.

“Together we can be at the forefront of circular bioeconomics. We have previously built a biogas plant together with EON (German energy group), and now we are supplementing our cooperation with Nordic Salmon,” said castle owner Tornerhjelm.

SalmonBusiness has previously written about Lyng in connection with the establishment of salmon vending machines in Singapore.


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