Around 12,000 litres of fish oil spills out of salmon feed plant

editorial staff

The incident happened at Cargill’s EWOS plant in Florø, Western Norway, on Saturday afternoon.

Local police have reported initially what was believed to be an oil spill at 17.45 on Saturday. But 45 minutes later, authorities confirmed it was actually fish oil.

It has since put up measures to stop the spread.

Benedicte Svardal who sounded the alarm at the fire station told Bergens Tidende that around 100,000 litres fish oil had spilled out. But that number has been confirmed by the company t be in the 10-12,000 range.

At 19.15, local newspaper Firda wrote that the leak had stopped.

Now it looks like they have managed to save the marina, which is inside. The spill did not come out there, and that is good,” said Svardal to the newspaper.

“There are between 10 and 12 cubic (not 100) fish oils that have leaked,” Cargill spokesperson Hanne Dankertsen told SalmonBusiness. “There is a valve in a pump room that has leaked. We take a serious look at the incident and have started an internal investigation to uncover what has happened”.


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