Head of dealflow at Netherlands-based aquaculture fund exits

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Thomas Prins tenure at Aqua-Spark will conclude in June 2024.

Thomas Prins, the head of dealflow at Netherlands-based global investment fund focused on sustainable aquaculture Aqua-Spark, has announced he will be leaving the company after nearly a decade to pursue new ventures.

Prins, who has played a significant role in advancing sustainable seafood initiatives, shared that his tenure at Aqua-Spark will conclude in June 2024.

“I came into this business looking to contribute to a more sustainable future for our oceans,” Prins wrote on LinkedIn. “Whilst in many parts of the world today’s practices are still questionable, my conviction has grown stronger that if we do legitimately get this right, the seafood we consume doesn’t need to harm our oceans but, on the contrary, contributes to its’ health.

The head of dealflow manages the process of screening new business opportunities for Aqua-Spark and negotiating new investments. Prins joined the fund in 2015. Prior to Aqua-Spark, he worked in the Gulf region with the Netherlands Agricultural Attaché for GCC countries and the Netherlands Embassy in the Sultanate of Oman, where he conducted research on the development of local aquaculture industry.

During his time at Aqua-Spark, Prins contributed to the firm’s mission to promote environmentally friendly practices within the seafood industry, particularly through his work in Asia, where Aqua-Spark opened an office in Thailand headed by Prins in 2022.

He expressed optimism about the future of sustainable seafood and acknowledged the slow but promising progress towards industry-wide change.

As he prepares to step away from his professional role, Prins plans to dedicate the immediate future to his family and a personal sabbatical, though he remains open to professional discussions and opportunities in the sustainable seafood sector.


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