AKVA group cut staff by 130 employees

Sindre Nordeide

The number appeared in the presentation of the company’s quarterly report today.

AKVA group CEO, Knut Neste, tells SalmonBusiness it was a question of substantial savings for the company.

“It is not the case that all this is only about redundancies, but it is of course sad when people lose their jobs,” he says.

The news broke this week that 30-40 employees in AKVA group Land Based will lose their jobs as a result of downsizing. Nesse says that these figures are included in the company’s presentation today.

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“There is a total downsizing of approximately 130 employees. In Norway, we are talking about approximately 70 employees in total, where it is the employees described earlier on Land Based, while the rest are due to natural attrition, i.e. retiring with pensions and the like.”

“The remaining 60 employees who are losing their jobs, are employees in Scotland, Denmark and Chile.”

Nesse says that the company has undergone a cost-effectiveness strategy as of lately.

“There is a total saving of approximately NOK 100 million (EUR 10m) in operating costs. It is mainly about a reconstruction in the company, where we have taken the write-down in the latest quarterly report.”

“We have solid funding, as you can see from the report, so we are going ahead with everything as planned. We will continue the agenda we have had all along,” Nesse conclues.


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