14 people fined over Covid-related offences during seafood protest ban at Westminster

editorial staff

Seafood businesses hit by post-Brexit export problems held demonstrations in Westminster yesterday.

On Monday, Seafood companies protested and drove up with their lorries near 10 Downing Street over issues faced in exporting seafood to the EU, such as managing the complex paperwork now required for each load.

Most of the trucks represented the Scottish wild catch with companies such as David Rosie that carries crab, lobster and langoustines to France, taking part in the protest.

Yahoo News reported that Metropolitan Police confirmed that 14 people had been issued with fines after a protest on Monday morning.

“We would remind those involved that London remains in Tier 4 for Covid restrictions and anyone breaching the regulation will be reported. No arrests occurred, but a number of lorries have been stopped and 14 people, who were either drivers or passengers in those vehicles, have been reported via FPN for Covid-related offences,” said a police spokesperson.

The Scottish Salmon Producers Organisation (SSPO) lent its support to the protest. SSPO’s Chief Executive Tavish Scott said: “It is little surprise given the frustration across the seafood sector, that people are making their presence felt in London today. Livelihoods are at risk.

“It is to be hoped that the UK Government heed the views of people who used to seamlessly export to Europe. All seafood sectors including the salmon farming sector have encountered real export challenges and that has continued over the weekend.

“So the grace period that all export sectors have been calling for is as relevant today as it was when the EU-UK trade deal was signed on Christmas Eve,” added Scott.


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