150 tonnes of salmon feed – some medicated – spills into sea after floating dock collapses

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240 bags of approximately 1,200 kilos each.

On Twitter, Chilean fishing authority Sernapesca wrote on Friday that a floating dock in Calbuco, southern Chile, collapsed last week with approximately 150 tonnes of salmon feed on it. Sernapesca officials have been placed to supervise containment measures.

Around 82.5 tonnes of it contained medicated food. It has not yet been officially confirmed who the feed belongs to.

Authorities are currently investigating and have taken water samples in order to determine the degree of pollution

Though Cape Froward – the company that owns and is responsible for the dock – told Aqua.cl would be no environmental damage.

However speaking to Portal Portuario, the Superintendent of the Environment Cristóbal De La Maza said that the “adoption of provisional measures, as a pre-procedural basis, is due to the likely serious and imminent risk to the flora and fauna of the marine ecosystem surrounding the “Terminal of Cargo-Puerto Calbuco”, both in the water column and in the substrate”.

Portal Portuario added that indigenous communities of Quihua Island, such as the Kume Weywen, Mapu lafquen, Huirimilla, Alunko, Newen Suyuay, Nahuelko, Newen kupan have submitted a complaint over the spill.


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