96,000 salmon killed in chlorine leak at Grieg processing plant

Aslak Berge

15,000 litres of chlorine in the sea at a salmon slaughterhouse in Alta in Norway.

On Tuesday morning, Police in Finnmark, Norway reported the accidental release of 15 thousand litres of chlorine into the sea at a salmon slaughterhouse in Alta.

The only salmon slaughterhouse at Alta is Grieg Seafood’s slaughterhouse at Simanes, just west of the Finnmark town.

“There was an incident at Grieg Seafood’s slaughterhouse Simanes in Alta last night, where chlorine has leaked into the sea. Chlorine is normally used to disinfect the slaughter water. At present, we assume that 96,000 salmon have unfortunately been killed,” said Grieg Seafoods communications director Kristina Furnes to SalmonBusiness.

“We are working to get an overview of what has happened and the consequences, and will come back when we know more. Relevant authorities have been notified,” said Furnes.


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