169m high general cargo ship “HHL Kobe” delivers four feed barges for Chilean salmon farmers, Australis and Multiexport

Vessels arrived at Prat Pier Valparaíso, Chile from Vietnam last Monday. 

Four feed barges to be used by salmon farmers Australis and Multiexport have been delivered to the Magallanes, southern Chile, as reported by Aqua.cl.

The vessels were manufactured and delivered from Vietnam.

PHOTO: EPAustral

The general manager of the Empresa Portuaria Austral (EPAustral), Patricia Lopez, said that “the general cargo ship, 169m in length, was able to be received at the Prat Pier thanks to the expansion works of these facilities. they allow to have a greater docking front and to receive ships up to 250m in length.”

Due to the size of the four vessels, the unloading operation was extended for two days.


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