18 salmon farm sites have activated mass mortality plans as toxic algea bloom continues

editorial staff

Deadly algea pushes death toll up.

Sernapesca reports that the deadly algea bloom in Southern Chile continues to hit. This includes Mowi, Aquachile, Yadran, Multiexport Granja Marina Tornagaleone and Salmones Camanchaca.

To date, a total of approximately 3,949 tonnes of fish have died. 1,916 tonnes correspond to the affected sites in the Los Lagos region. 2,033 tonnes to those in the Aysén region. This is up from 3,850 tonnes the day before.

The above is equivalent to 2.5 per-cent of the total biomass active in the affected areas.

18 salmon farming sites have activated plans for mass mortality plans. Six are from the Los Lagos region and twelve for the Aysén region.


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