18 tonnes of Norwegian salmon transported by air to Wuhan, China, for first time

“Air Silk Road” takes place as Boeing 747 cargo plane from Luxembourg loaded with fish arrived at Wuhan Tianhe International Airport on Monday morning.

18 tonnes Norwegian salmon was transported to Wuhan, capital of central China’s Hubei Province, through a cargo aircraft, reports Xinhua. The cargo flights for salmon transportation will be operated three times a week.

Uni-top Airlines was established in 2008 and is the first private Chinese airline to independently operate long-haul cargo aircraft. The Chinese private cargo airline has two European connections, Wuhan-Luxembourg and Wuhan Liège (Belgium). Both routes use B747-400F aircrafts.

8635 km route now takes 72 hours. MAP: Google

The publication explained that up until now, only a small portion of salmon was sent to Wuhan by international passenger flights with most of the fish imported through the ports in Beijing, Shanghai, and Guangzhou before being transported to Wuhan by cold chain logistics.

Wuhan Yihaida International Trade manager Yang Anming said the batch of salmon was transported to Wuhan within 72 hours, reducing the transportation cost by 30 per cent compared with passenger flights.


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