2000 fish escape from NZ salmon farm

Anglers swarm to area to hook fish from Mt Cook Alpine Salmon.

Newshub reports that 2,000 fish have escaped from Mt Cook Alpine Salmon in Canterbury, New Zealand.

The fish poured into a canal near the Ohau C hydro station in Twizel, though it is not yet known how the fish escaped.

Dozens of anglers descended to Twizel in the hope of catching a fish – which were due for harvest later this year.

NZ Fish and Game ranger Jayde Cooper said: “Once in a while, the fish get out and our anglers get to have a crack at them.”

One young angler caught his very first fish while others took advantage of easy catch conditions. They had to abide by rules which took into account weight size and with a limit per angler so everyone could have a fair go.

SalmonBusiness has contacted Mt Cook Alpine Salmon to find out how the fish escaped.


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