200,000 smolts released to the first Andfjord Salmon pool

editorial staff

Andfjord Salmon has today successfully released smolt in the company’s first land-based pool at Andøya, northern Norway.

“Release of first smolt is obviously an important and enjoyable milestone for Andfjord Salmon. The operation was well prepared and was executed in a safe and predictable manner,” says Martin Rasmussen, CEO of Andfjord Salmon, in a statement.

Approximately 200,000 smolt at an average weight of 120 grams were released into the pool. The smolt was supplied by local smolt producer Nordland Akva.

“Our concept is centered around recreating the salmon’s natural habitat on land, as far as it is practically possible to do so. We are now entering a period with increasing amount of natural light and rising temperatures. This is good for fish health and development,” adds Martin Rasmussen.

Left to right: Chairman Roger Mosand and CEO Martin Rasmussen. Photo: Andfjord Salmon

Andfjord Salmon has set an ambition to develop the world’s most fish friendly and sustainable fish farming facility of its kind. The company’s flow-through system is key to recreate the salmon’s natural habitat on land and thereby produce salmon with very low energy consumption and smallest possible environmental footprint.

The smolt has quickly adapted to its new surroundings after being released into the pool earlier today. The biological conditions in the pool are exactly as planned.

“This has been a great start, but the hard work starts now. We look forward to proving the many excellent benefits of our land-based fish farming facility in the coming months and years,” concludes Martin Rasmussen.

Andfjord Salmon holds a license to produce 10,000 tonnes maximum allowed biomass of salmon at Kvalnes, equivalent to a target production volume of 19,000 tonnes gutted weight.


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