23,000 salmon escape from Cermaq Chile site

editorial staff

Authorities have confirmed numbers after a broken cage was detected.

In a press release, Chilean fishing and aquaculture authority Sernapesca writes that 23,000 coho salmon escaped from a Cermaq Chile site in the Quemchi sector in Chiloé.

The broken cage at Cermaq Chile. PHOTO: Sernapesca

After authorities received notice of an alleged escape of fish from the Maritime Authority the on December 22, Sernapesca carried out the inspection of the Caucahue salmon farm, that belongs to the Cermaq Chile.

After a breakage in the cage was verified, Sernapesca asked Cermaq to count the number of fish the respective cage and recapture measures were instructed.

Radio BioBio reports that the fish “are already commercial size” because the site had already started harvesting.

To date, the number of salmon coho escapees is estimated at around 23,000 units. 5,000 fish have been recaptured.


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