3.5 million salmon threatened by toxic algae bloom successfully evacuated by Cermaq

The Harmful algae bloom in Northern Norway is in decline.

Cermaq has so far moved 3.5 million salmon out of three sites in the Sagfjord area in the region of Nordland. The sites are threatened by a toxic algae bloom that so far has killed 7.5 million fish in Northern Norway.

“The evacuation has so far gone very well and according to plan,” said communications manager at Cermaq, Astrid Aam to SalmonBusiness.

On Sunday, the Norwegian Directorate of Fisheries reported that it may seem as though the algae bloom is on the way down, but they continue to monitor the situation.

“Lower numbers of algae are recorded, cells are smaller in size and there are observations suggesting that the bloom/species is less harmful. As reported in recent days, there have been high concentrations of algae without causing fish to die. It can happen that the algae bloom up again in smaller areas,” wrote the directorate in a statement.

Another salmon farmer, Nordlaks, has recently experienced mortality at the site of Stormneset, which is located in the outer part of Tysfjorden in the region of Nordland. About 20,000 salmon are dead at this site.

Communication manager at Nordlaks, Lars Fredrik Martinussen. described the current situation as good at Stormneset, but he underlined that the danger was not over.


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