39 fish farming work boats under construction at Norwegian shipyards

Business is brisk for shipyards constructing service vessels for the marine farming industry. 

According to an overview prepared by Maritimt Magasin, there’s no shortage of investment enthusiasm among Norwegian fish farmers and service shipping companies. At present there are 39 work boats under construction at Norwegian shipyards. No other vessel groups are so broadly represented in the order books.

This feasibly indicates an overall order book worth somewhere between €60 and 80 million, according to iLaks’ calculations.

The largest number of vessels in one single order is on the books of Grovfjord Mekaniske Verksted (GMV) in Troms, Northern Norway. Construction is scheduled or underway for 12 vessels here, split between catamarans and marine farm workboats (of which one is electrically powered), the company has a solid market share in this segment.

Local producer Salaks currently has three vessels under construction at GMV, under the names “Pompel” og “Pilt” (the third unnamed as yet). The shipyard’s other orders have been commissioned by Cermaq, Eidsfjord Sjøfarm, Ballangen Sjøfarm, Wilsgård Fiskeoppdrett, Wenberg Fiskeoppdrett and Nord Senja Laks.


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