40 per cent of Mowi lumpfish died in wellboat accident

editorial staff

Third update and numbers have gone up again. 

In late May, SalmonBusiness reported that thousands of lumpfish owned by Mowi had died in wellboat accidents.

Mowi Canada East reported two incidents. One in Little Bay, located on the south coast of Newfoundland which ended up with 15,800 mortalities, 42 percent of the lumpfish on the vessel.

Another involved fish that being transported to a site off the southern coast of Newfoundland called Steamers Head. It was first reported that the salmon farmer had lost 12,300 fish. But on Friday, in a news release on Newfoundland Aquaculture Industry Association’s site (based on diving reports over the last ten days) it says the final mortality number is now 26,000, around 40 per cent from a total entry of approximately 65,700 lumpfish.

“The abnormal mortalities were the result of rough sea conditions at the site immediately post transfer. Other sites were supplied with lumpfish during the same supply trip without issue. Site monitoring now shows no further abnormal mortality is taking place,” wrote Mowi.


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