47 Norwegian growers apply to buy growth

Salmon Business

With proceeds heading into an aquaculture aimed at helping them thrive, Norwegian municipalities earn EUR 78 million on Oslo’s sale extra biomass allowances for existing grow-outs.

Some 80 percent of the money paid in will be pooled and then distributed from Norway’s new Aquaculture fund. Counties will see 10 percent of that, the townships 70 percent.

“The turnout for our offering shows an industry with great faith in itself and great ambitions. It’ll also provide good incomes for local communities,” said Fishery Minister, Per Sandberg.

Read Norwegian producers agree to pay for growth

The government has agreed to allow the industry to grow up to six percent. The growth will be allotted over two periods, first at a fixed price, and then the rest through auction during the spring.

“Salmon-farming is an important industry for Norway. This is the first large increase in many years. The growth could provide a foundation for more jobs along the coast,” Sandberg said.


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