47-stone bluefin tuna blasts into Scottish Salmon Company cage

Giant fish was spotted in pen.

Hebrides News reports that a bluefin tuna was caught in a Scottish Salmon Company cage in Great Bernera, Loch Roag, Lewis.

The fish weighed an estimated 300kg (47-stone) and had blasted its way through a steel strong net into the pen at high speed.

Bluefin tunas can swim up to 70km/h and have heads covered by a hard shell, making it easy for them to break through any net that has a resistance strength of around 95 kilos. They have been increasingly smashing their way into salmon cages in Norway.

A spokesperson for the Bakkafrost-owned salmon farmer told the publication: “A small tear was identified in the net which was made when the tuna entered at speed. This was quickly repaired and no fish escaped.”

A spokesperson for Scottish Salmon Company told SalmonBusiness that the tuna was released back into the Loch.