5,000 fish recaptured from Salmones Aysen Chile escape

Chilean salmon farmer has recouped 18% of escaped fish.

Om Monday, SalmonBusiness reported that thousands of fish salmon escaped from a Salmones Aysen farm in Los Lagos, Chile.

A cage broke with more than 32,000 salmon in it.

CNN Chile reports that fishing and aquaculture authority Sernapesca has stated that around 18 per cent of fish has been recaptured. In Chile, within a 30 day period, salmon farmers must recapture at least 10 percent or “environmental damage is assumed”.

Sernapesca regional director Eduardo Aguilera said:

“The final count is 27,300 escaped salmon. So far the company has reported, through the physical verification of Sernapesca officials, 4,946 recaptured salmon.”


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