Former PSV will soon be operating for Lerøy

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Fishery veterans have initiated cooperation with the equipment supplier SkaMik.

The shipping company based in Western Norway, has invested in the 58-meter-long vessel “Sea Liberty 1”, which will from June onward be delousing for Lerøy.

The vessel arrived in Norway from Dakar, Senegal, just before the corona crisis, and immediately a further rebuilding and upgrade was started. The transport from the African coast to Western Norway took 25 days.

The vessel “Sea Liberty 1” is formerly a PSV (Platform Supply Vessel), with a system for dynamic positioning and diesel electric propulsion. Furthermore, the vessel has three Azimuths for propulsion and two thrusters in front, which makes it very manoeuvrable. The idea behind such a large and capable vessel is also directed towards offshore salmon facilities.

“We are investing significantly”
It is through the company Breitveit Holding that the experienced fishermen Kenneth and Ronny Beitveit are now focusing on aquaculture service.

“Sea Liberty 1” is being rigged with SkaMik 1.5 delousing equipment. Specifically, the collaboration between Beitveit and SkaMik has also led the equipment manufacturer to use “Sea Liberty 1” as a testing platform for the further development of technology for mechanical delousing.

“The aquaculture service has potential. With an emphasis on sustainability and quality, we are investing significantly. The vessel, the working platform, is only ten years old, well equipped and with diesel electric propulsion. The last is an important element, while installing what many in the industry consider to be the most efficient and flexible system for mechanical drug-free debugging,” says general manager Kenneth Beitveit.

During the planning phase, investments in various systems were carefully considered. Beitveit says they chose SkaMik because of the following factors: Results, fish welfare, applied solutions and not least follow-up and guidance was also valued.

“SkaMik followed our intentions and wishes in a trustworthy way. Environmentally friendly and effective delousing is a complex task that requires not only the best material, but also that the personnel know, what they are doing. And constantly being able to make necessary adjustments during operations,” Beitveit points out.

At the shipyard, the latest equipment is now being installed and adapted to prepare “Sea Liberty 1”. Necessary pumps, cranes and other equipment are in place. The company has hired twelve seafarers who will, from June, via a shift scheme, keep the debugging unit continuously in operation for the client Lerøy.

Skamik CEO Geir Skarstad is impressed by the systematic approach that the Beitveit brothers are following in a completely new field for them.

“They have tons of experience with vessel management and traditional fishing. At the same time, sustainable drug-free delousing is a subject area that requires special expertise. Because of this it is especially interesting to us to get involved right from the start in such an ambitious project,” says Skarstad.

With “Sea Liberty 1”, Kenneth Beitveit (centre) takes a solid step into breeding and aquaculture service. Managing director Geir Skarstad (left) and project manager Helge Brendryen in SkaMik have expectations for further development in cooperation with the new player Beitveit Holding. PHOTO: Private

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