6,000 tonnes of salmon to be farmed at former military airport

Aslak Berge

Norwegian company Lista Laks has solidified its farming plans.

“The purpose of the zoning plan is to facilitate a circular facility for sustainable fish farming combined with protein production at Lista air station,” according to a letter from the Stavanger company Prosjektil Areal, dated 14 September, to Farsund municipality, Norway.

They will produce salmon on land. Prosjektil Areal is applying on behalf of the company Lista Laks, founded in 2018. Lista Laks is wholly owned by Ecofishcircle, which in turn is 58 percent owned by the Farsund billionaire Terje Mikalsen.

6,000 tonnes
“It is desirable to plan for an annual production of approximately 6,000 tonnes of salmon which includes and includes the hatchery, smolt plant and food fish plant. In parallel with fish farming, the facility will produce protein for fish feed, based on CO2 emissions from the breeding facility and other nearby industry. The proponent already disposes of an area in the Lista air and business park that is for approval for aquaculture in an ongoing planning process, area plan Lista Renewable Energy Park.”

The planned facility will be built on 221 acres, located at Lista airport, which was formerly a military airport, 13 km from the center of Farsund.

Small air planes
“The nearby areas mostly consist of green areas, airport infrastructure and scattered commercial buildings, with elements of smaller recreational facilities such as a skate park, museum, adrenaline park, go-cart and climbing park, as well as catering and accommodation facilities. The green areas within the airport’s security fence will be harvested for animal fodder until further notice.”

“In 2012, Farsund Airport had its license for an airport for public use renewed until 26/07/2032. The airport is used a lot for air and motorsport activities, but not for ordinary passenger operations. There is an active private flying environment with small planes and helicopters. The airport is also used for testing new types of wind power through unmanned gliders. As of 2021, there are approx. 3,500 annual aircraft movements at the airport,” the application documents state.

The technical adviser for Lista Laks is Arve Gravdal, who for several years, with varying degrees of success, has run land-based farming in Scotland. Last year Gravdal announced plans to build a facility for 100,000 tonnes of salmon at the seaside resort of Figuera da Foz in Portugal.

Illustrative photo of the planned full-scale facility at Lista airport. Photo: Ecofishcircle

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