Salmon shares drawn down by market slump

Aslak Berge

Fish no safe haven, as market feels turbulence

Unsettled world markets were made worse when the Dow Jones fell by 4.6 percent in New York on Monday night. Then, overnight, the Japanese Nikkei Index again, down this time by 4.7 percent.

That was the backdrop against which markets stumbled out of the gate on Tuesday, taking salmon shares down with them. The Oslo Stock Exchange’s combined index fell by 2. 5 percent in the first hour of trading.

Salmon shares, which have performed more sharply than other shares in the aftermath of Chile’s Red Tide scare, were falling largely in-line with the rest of the market, but by mid-morning, some notable falls had happened.

Here’s how it’s unfolded in Oslo on Tuesday morning:

Marine Harvest -2.78 percent
Grieg Seafood -4.81 percent
NTS -1.83 percent
Lerøy Seafood Group -4.22 percent
Norway Royal Salmon -3.15 percent
SalMar -2.4 percent
Bakkafrost -3.57 percent
The Scottish Salmon Company -1.46 percent
Salmones Camanchaca -2.05 percent
Hofseth BioCare -8.20 percent


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