73,600 salmon escape from Mowi Scotland site after Storm Brendan

editorial staff

Fish with a average weight of 1.9 kilos lost.

An inspection of Mowi Scotland’s salmon farms following storm Brendan last week revealed damage to one net pen at the company’s Colonsay location, the salmon farmer wrote in a press release.

Mowi confirmed a loss of 73,600 salmon (average weight 1.9 kilograms) from one net pen, after recount. The loss of fish has been reported to the regulator.

The post-storm inspection revealed structural failure of the pen, causing a tear in the netting. Other net pens on-site are confirmed secure.

“We are very disappointed that this structural failure has occurred,” said David MacGillivray, Mowi’s regional farm manager. “Despite storm Brendan severely battering many parts of Scotland’s coast last week and Colonsay being a remote and particularly exposed location, we expect our modern infrastructure to withstand these challenges.”

“The farm’s net pens exceed both the Scottish and Norwegian technical standards for net pen design,” Mowi added.

The company and equipment supplier are reviewing the net pen’s manufacturing process.

No staff were injured during storm Brendan.


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