$75 million land-based pink salmon farm planned in Argentina

4,000 tonnes-a-year site.

News site Noticias Radio Reflejos reports that a new project envisages an aquaponics/land-based pink salmon farm in Argentina.

Overall costs are expected to be USD 75 million in order to build a site capable of producing 4000 tonnes of fish a year, as well as 65 tonnes of organic vegetables.

The site is planned near Bahía Blanca, a port city in the southwest of Argentina’s Buenos Aires province.

Developer Diego Ballarini told the publication that he had European, American and Nordic investors on board and that an Israeli company was working on the facility. He added that production would account for 50 per-cent of domestic demand for Argentina’s pink salmon.

The company has not yet chosen a site nor has it completed an environmental impact study.

According to Alaska.gov, the 2020 Southeast Alaska pink salmon harvest was “very poor” at 5.9 million pink salmon, the lowest since 1976. According to Undercurrent News, recent pink salmon prices from ex-vessel statewide Alaska (whole or dressed, fresh) were at 0.39 USD per lb.

Of the wild salmonids, pink is the most important species in terms of volume with a 56 per-cent share of global supply from wild catches, Mowi wrote in its recent Salmon Farming Industry Handbook.


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