85-metre long wellboat took in water at the quay

“Ronja Maløy” was docked at Stavanger, Norway, when, for unknown reasons, it took on water.

At 2215 on Friday evening, the local Police sent out a message from the fire service that “a boat moored at Bjergsted is taking on water. Police patrols and crews from the fire service are on the scene to try to get an overview of the situation. Unclear why the boat is taking in water.”

The wellboat was Sølvtrans-owned “Ronja Maløy”, formerly known as “Aqua Maløy”.

“As of now, the crews on site believe that the situation is under control. Water purification must be carried out. Still unclear why the boat is taking in water,” the police wrote on Twitter half an hour later.

“The crew on the boat is now pumping the water out. Should problems arise with this work, the captain has notified a professional company that can assist.”

The reason why the well boat took in water is, according to the Police, still unknown.


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