887 insiders buy Mowi shares for EUR 2.3 million

Aslak Berge

Shows faith in the company.

Mowi’s Board of Directors has offered all permanent employees of the company’s Norwegian, Scottish and Canadian subsidiaries the opportunity to buy shares in their own company at a discounted rate. Bids are based on the average purchasing price on Tuesday, December 10, at NOK 230.0521 per share.

The stock offers are based on three different options – 33, 66 and 131 Mowi shares, respectively, Mowi wrote in a stock exchange announcement Tuesday evening.

At the end of the subscription period, the company received acceptances from 887 employees for a total of 103,791 shares.

With this as a backdrop, Mowi has bought the corresponding number of shares in the market.

The primary insiders who have subscribed for shares are the following:


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