93,000 salmon die at Mowi facility in Newfoundland

editorial staff

Officials say the fish died as the result of sudden low dissolved oxygen levels at the farm site.

According to reports in The Canadian Press first published over the weekend, nearly 93,000 salmon have died as a result of a problem at an aquaculture facility in Newfoundland and Labrador.

Commenting on the story, a Mowi spokesperson said: “It is well known that environmental pressures off the coast of Newfoundland are especially challenging, and this is the first time our company has farmed the gorge site which is one of the new licenses we have earned in the region since starting operations there in 2017. Marine Harvest Atlantic Canada’s investment in deep netting and aeration equipment helped protect the fish and improve survivability through this low dissolved oxygen event.“

Under Newfoundland and Labrador’s aquaculture regulations, abnormal mortality of over 10 per cent must be publicly reported.

The fish were approximately three kilograms in size, and harvesting was scheduled to begin before the end of the year.


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