“Norwegian Gannet” comes to rescue after toxic algae attack

press release

Salmon harvesting vessel “Norwegian Gannet” is on its way to Northern Norway.

Algae species of the group Chrysochromulina have caused major fish kills for salmon farmers in the north of Norway.

“This is a painful case and a tragedy for all those affected. The whole salmon industry must stand together and contribute with what they can. We hope and believe “Norwegian Gannet” can make a real difference,” said CEO of Hav Line, Carl-Erik Arnesen.

The harvesting vessel “Norwegian Gannet” fetches the fish straight from the sea cages and takes it directly to the market, and hopefully, it can contribute to quickly getting salmon out of the affected cages.

“The salmon has nowhere to escape. When the algae flourish it goes fast and with traditional methods its a time-consuming process.”Norwegian Gannet” can slaughter 60 tonnes of salmon per hour and can quickly get to where the salmon farmers see the algae coming, and get fish out in a few hours. The hope is that we can save values and get the fish to the market in time,” said Arnesen.

“Norwegian Gannet” is already on its way up north. The plans are not yet set, but the ship will be prepared and waiting for calls from the salmon farmers who need help. It is expected that the algae will spread further on Tuesday.

“Norwegian Gannet” was originally on its way to Hirtshals, where the world’s most modern packing facility will be opened on Thursday morning, including representatives of the Danish government. Now the plans have changed.

“We would have liked to have our ship in Hirtshals on the opening day, but we now prioritize instead to make ourselves available for salmon farmers in Troms and Nordland,” concluded Arnesen.


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