A 25 meter long catamaran enters a five-year contract with Marine Harvest

New workhorse for the Froy Vest Company.

“Froy Harvest” is the name of the boat that Froy Vest Rederi has now delivered from Sletta Shipyards in Mjosundet in Aure municipality in Norway. It will be used as a service boat in the aquaculture industry, writes norwegian newspaper Hitra-Frøya.

With its 25 longitudinal meters and a width of 13 meters, the catamaran “Froy Harvest” can be said to be a relatively large service boat for use in the aquaculture industry.

For the next five years, the boat will work for Marine Harvest and be based at Sunnmore, Western Norway.

“Froy Harvest” is built in terms of the environment.

“The boat is ready for what is called hybrid, and here’s a new form of diesel technology combined with electrical operation. A total of 25 percent savings on diesel fuel”, says general manager at Sletta Shipyards Kare Sletta to Nordvestnytt.


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