A million tonnes of Norwegian salmon have already been exported this year

Aslak Berge

Central European market is in the buyer’s driving seat.

Demand is impeccable. Last week, Norway’s export of farmed salmon passed a million tonnes, converted to round weight, shown by today’s updated export statistics from Statistics Norway and the Norwegian Seafood Council.

In front of the form
The milestone was passed already in week 42, three weeks faster than last year.

In total, 1,000,995 tonnes of salmon have been exported from Norway at the end of last week. At the same time in 2018, 939,999 tonnes were exported for comparison.

It is especially the large salmon-consuming markets in the EU that are driving up sales now. Buyers in Poland, France, Denmark, the Netherlands and Spain, in that order, are leading. Many of them are processing companies, such as smokers and fillets, which now secure supplies well in advance of Christmas sales.

High Season
The sales period in the last few months before Christmas is the peak season for salmon exports. More than 60 per cent of salmon sales occur in the second half of the year.

Buyer interest has been stimulated by somewhat lower salmon prices this year than last year. The average export price (delivered at the Norwegian border, including exporter’s fees) so far this year is EUR 5.9. At the same time last year, export price was EUR 6.1 per kilo, according to export statistics.


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