“A unique example of a politically driven abuse of power”: Government appeals verdict in “Norwegian Gannet” case

Stian Olsen

Norway’s government has decided to appeal the judgment of Bergen District Court in harvest vessel case, which went in favour of “Norwegian Gannet” owner Hav Line.

On Monday morning, Attorney General Torje Sunde reported that the government is appealing the harvest vessel case. He is referring to the ministry for further comment. SalmonBusiness has requested a statement from the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries.

In mid-June, Hav Line won against its case against the government. After a long period of reflection, the state has now decided to appeal the judgment of the District Court.

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In June, Norwegian Gannet also extended the exemption to sort production fish in Denmark. Hav Line has applied for an extension of the exemption by one year, which the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries has rejected. It is the reputation of Norwegian fish that under the influence of Norwegian fish, according to the Ministry. The case has been appealed, and the next step is for the complaint to be dealt with by the “King in Council”, a formal meeting where the government under the leadership of the king at the royal palace.

Chairman Carl-Erik Arnesen of Hav Line writes, among other things, the following in a notice regarding the appeal:

“We are confident that the Court of Appeal falls to the same conclusion as the District Court in what is a unique example of a politically driven abuse of power without respect for the legislation, professional authorities, professional knowledge, the innovation and investment of business and people’s jobs. But we’d love to be this extra round besides. In the larger picture, we also cannot understand how the state can afford such an extra round, as they risk inflicting significant negative consequences on the entire fishing industry.”

It was the Danish newspaper Børsen, which first reported on the appeal.

On Monday the Ministry of Industry and Fisheries justified why they have chosen to appeal the verdict.
“The government has decided to take the Hav Line case further. Therefore, parts of the sentence are now being appealed. The state does not agree with Bergen district court’s judgment that the Government’s decision that Hav Line must sort production fish domestically is unreasonable to the company,” wrote communications adviser Camilla Pettersen in an email to SalmonBusiness.


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