Aarskog salary a cut above Norwegian peers

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Marine Harvest boss earning 19 million kroner (EUR 2 million) a year

That’s best-in-class according to Norwegian online business daily, E24, which relayed numbers from another online title, Frifagbevegelse.no, which sifted through the annual accounting of 100 of Norway’s largest companies (based on magazine Kapital’s list). The reckoning includes fixed annual salaries, bonuses and other allowances.

Uppermost on the list are Marine Harvest chief exec, Alf-Helge Aarskog at 19 million kroner (EUR 2 million); Cermaq Group CEO, Geir Molvik, earning 11.5 million kroner (EUR 1.2 million); Austevoll Seafood CEO, Arne Mogster, who earns 5.2 million kroner (EUR 543,000); SalMar CEO, Trond Williksen, who makes 5 million kroner (EUR 522,250) and Leroy Seafood Group boss, Henning Beltestad, who’s reportedly earning 4.7 million kroner (EUR 490,920).

Kvarv chairman, Gustav Witzoe, wasn’t included among the listed since he doesn’t receive allowances as chair, although the sum of his wealth last year added up to 18 billion kroner.

Judging by the overview of earnings, the average salary of a Norwegian executive leaders sits at around 6.7 million kroner, or around 13-times the average Norwegian salary of 524,000 kroner. On average, a business leader was said to earn 3,450 kroner an hour, or 25,736 kroner a day.


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