Ace Aquatec partners with start-up to find uses for smaller fish

Editorial Staff

Tiny Fish harvest, collect, freeze, package and store small salmon for value-added distribution channels to restaurants, hotels, takeaways, zoos, aquariums and pet food suppliers across the UK.

Aquaculture technology supplier Ace Aquatec has partnered with start-up Tiny Fish to optimize the use of small salmon in the Scottish salmon farming industry, promoting a more sustainable circular economy.

This collaboration aims to redirect fish that are typically removed during the freshwater phase of salmon’s lifecycle into premium food markets across the UK, including restaurants, hotels, and pet food suppliers.

Traditionally, salmon not meeting size standards are repurposed into compost or bioenergy. This initiative, however, allows for these smaller fish to be harvested, processed, and distributed as high-value products, thus minimizing waste and enhancing sustainability in the sector.

To ensure the humane treatment of these fish, Scottish salmon farmers are utilizing the Humane Culling System, developed by Ace Aquatec. This system is a compact adaptation of their award-winning Humane Stunner Universal, tailored for small-scale operations.

Key industry players, including seafood giant Mowi and genetics specialist Landcatch, have implemented this system, with Mowi reporting significant sustainability improvements. This initiative not only aligns with global sustainability goals but also meets consumer demand for natural and environmentally friendly products.

The partnership has been recognized for its innovative approach and is shortlisted for the “Collaboration” category at the Aquaculture Awards 2024, with winners to be announced in Aviemore on May 15th.

Tara McGregor-Woodhams of Ace Aquatec emphasized that this partnership is pivotal for demonstrating that zero food waste and high welfare standards can coexist seamlessly in the aquaculture industry. Teresa Garzon of Tiny Fish and Dan Philips of Mowi echoed these sentiments.

“This initiative is an opportunity to demonstrate the commitment of the Scottish aquaculture industry in driving sustainability across the harvesting process, from producer to supply chain. I take pride in Tiny Fish’s part in this and our commitment to using every fish harvested. I am optimistic that we will contribute significantly to enhancing sustainability across the sector as a whole,” said Garzon.

John Blackett from GA Pet Food Partners and Jarl van den Berg from Landcatch Natural Selection also praised the initiative for setting new industry standards in sustainability and animal welfare, showing the broader impact of such collaborative efforts in enhancing the aquaculture sector.


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