Agrosuper to fight off antibiotic reliance with $100 million green loan

Agrosuper recieves multimillion “green loan” from Rabobank to support AquaChile purchase.

The loan – the first of its kind in Chile – is also to help the company with its commitment to reduce the use of antibiotics in salmon farming.

Agrosuper reached an agreement to obtain a green credit for US $ 100 million from the Dutch bank and agriculture financer, Coöperative Rabobank. This is to support its recent big acquisitions its been making in the salmon industry according to latercera.

In August, the food giants shocked the industry by Agrosuper Chilean salmon company, AquaChile, for $850 million and later on Salmones Friosur.

“This milestone is another step in our relationship with Rabobank, who have maintained a permanent commitment to agribusiness and especially, to the sustainability initiatives we have carried out, starting with the first future sale of carbon credits in 2006 and now with the signing of this “Green Loan”, with which we reaffirm our commitment to the sustainability of the industry,” said Luis Felipe Fuenzalida, manager of Administration and Finance of Agrosuper.

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Jorge Torres, manager of Corporate Banking RaboFinance Chile said they were are proud to support Agrosuper with its long term plans through the first ever green loan given to a Chilean company: “This agreement is a declaration of both institutions working together to prioritise sustainability in agribusiness (…) Agrosuper’s commitment contributes to the objective of the Rabobank group to support the sustainable feeding of the 9 billion people that will inhabit the planet by the year 2050.”

The agreement will mean that the commitment to reduce the use of antibiotics in salmon will continue. Furthermore any new farms will be put under the ASC certification (Aquaculture Stewardship Council).


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