AgTech startup Aquabyte named in Forbes innovation list

Computer-vision and machine-learning start-up, Aquabyte, have been named as one of the “Most Innovative AgTech Startups In 2018” in the major publication.

Forbes recognised the entrepreneurs along side 25 others who are working hard to solve to the issues facing farmers today. The term agTech means “transforming the global food system” through digital technology.

The start up set up by Bryton Shang has has offices in Silicon Valley, California and Bergen (Norway) is capitalising on the fast growing aquaculture industry with its roots in AgTech. Previously, the Princeton alumni worked on cancer diagnostic biotech outfit, HistoWiz.

Using a camera system in the pen, Aquabyte gathers visual information that’s processed into easy-to-read information by machine-learning algorithms. The tech makes for more efficient feeding over a fish’s lifetime, which could result in as much as a 20 to 30 percent decrease in feed cost. The company is also working on other applications such as combating as sea lice.

Visual data
“Our algorithms have the capacity to gather in all imaginable visual information and what’s going on the pens, and then our job is to present this in a way that makes it practical to relate to, either for the relaying of data or for planning operations. If we gather up all this information without presenting it in a good way, then the work is for not,” Bryton Shang, said earlier in the year, after securing $3.5Mn in seed capital.

On the Forbes site, Maggie McGrath wrote of the reasons for recognising the start up:
“Teach a man to fish, and you feed him for a lifetime. Teach a computer to farm fish and you might feed the world. That’s Aquabyte’s hope, anyway—it uses computer vision hardware and AI software in fish farms to monitor food consumption, thereby minimizing waste and saving money.”


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