Air freight company pin hope on takeover after bankruptcy

editorial staff

Its the end of the road for Roadfeeders as the company seek last minute buyout.

On Wednesday, the managing director of Roadfeeders, Lene Mellum, confirmed that the company is bankrupt. The board have chosen to keep operations ongoing out the week, in the hope to get a deal with someone who can take over the operation as reported in Romerikes Blad.

“There is a great interest in taking over operations after Roadfeeders. We are in talks with some,”says Jon Skjørshammer, chief executive officer, who has chosen to keep the company going.

“It’s been decided that the business will continue, to some extent, initially out this week. In that we are hoping to get an agreement with someone who can take over the operation. It’s not unrealistic that it can happen before the week is over, “he says.

According to the company, the company has reported a debt of almost EUR 7.9 million.

The freight company, which handles large portions of the salmon sent in and out of Oslo Airport, had notified bankruptcy in advance. However, there was a troubled hope of finding a solution without bankruptcy, but on Wednesday morning, managing director Lene Mellum took the company to the court of law. Mellum said she was “very sad” about the decision.

“At the same time as we used our new facility within the airport barrier at Oslo Airport, Avinor launched the plans for its new seafood center. As a result, many customers sat down on the fence to await their opportunities,” she said, adding that it had almost a year without getting new customers.

According to Mellum, this was a major factor in the bankruptcy of the company.

Avinor is the state-owned limited company that operates most of the civil airports in Norway.

Communications Manager, Gurli Høeg Ulverud, in Avinor believes there is a need for more players in the market in addition to the new seafood centre at Oslo airport.

“We are confident that the seafood centre will be a success after a good dialogue with the seafood exporters over the past two years, and we are sure that there is a market for more operators operating airfreight inside the fence at Oslo Airport,” said Ulverud.


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