AKVA Group announces sale of two advanced feed barges

Editorial Staff

First barge is scheduled for delivery in October 2024.

Aquaculture equipment supplier AKVA Group has announced the sale of two of its largest feed barges.

The barges, specifically designed for airborne feeding, are equipped with twelve feeding lines and can accommodate two additional lines. With a carrying capacity of 850 tons, they are built to withstand wave heights of up to 5.99 meters. These AC850 Panorama barges, including one standard interior barge and another as a show barge, are set to be delivered to Northern Norway, though the exact location is yet to be determined.

Kent Ims Borsheim, Project Director Barges at AKVA group, expressed enthusiasm about the development:

“We are excited to deliver more feed barges to the Norwegian market, which strengthens our position in aquaculture. Our range of feed barges, especially the two largest in our portfolio, are known for their robustness and durability.”

The first barge is scheduled for delivery in October 2024, with the second following in February 2025. Additionally, there is an option for a third barge, which can be signed in 2024 for delivery in 2025.

Jøran Strand, Key Account Manager at AKVA group, highlighted the strong relationship with the customer, emphasizing the quality and development focus. “We’ve delivered several barges to the Norwegian market, and our service department’s professionalism has fostered great trust in AKVA group and our products. The customer is keen on quality, development, and standardization of good solutions.”


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