AKVA group nabs Iceland feed barge contract

editorial staff

Ice Fish Farm has chosen AKVA group as the supplier of two AC600VR feed barges to be put into operation at the company’s locations in Eastern Iceland.

“For us, it is important to think long-term and forward-looking in terms of having flexibility in the fjord area in which we operate, as we want to use the fleets also in areas that are very exposed to waves and storms. The AC600VR model we now get delivered from AKVA group thus became the best choice as it is the most robust fleet model on the market in terms of design. In addition, AKVA group has adapted the fleet with a flexible feeding system that we see great benefit from,” said Kjartan Lindbøl, production manager at Ice Fish Farm.

Established in Icelandic market
There are currently eight feed barges from AKVA group in operation in Iceland.

“The fact that AKVA group has been established with a base and a service offering for us in Eskifjordur on the east coast of Iceland is seen as a great advantage for us,” said Lindbøl in a press release.

The feed barge model AC600VR has been developed for exposed locations.

“The VR series are the most robust models in the market, with a design we are proud to have developed. The vessel is packed with all the equipment needed in day-to-day operations and also includes AKVA hybrid battery pack that provides a completely different working environment on board, and significantly reduces emissions and operating costs. The vessels will meet Ice Fish Farm’s needs, both today and in the future, and I am absolutely sure that they will be very pleased when the vessels come into operation at the relevant sites,” said Roar Ognedal, regional manager South Norway and for the Nordic market in AKVA group.

The manager has followed the aquaculture market in Iceland closely since 2012 and has witnessed significant growth.

“It has been a lot of fun to be a part of the major development that has been until today. Iceland is an exciting market with good speed, and with this delivery we further strengthen our position in the Icelandic market,” added Ognedal.


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