AKVA group signs its largest deal ever for a single feed barge

editorial staff

AKVA group has agreed to deliver an AC 600 PVDB feed barge to Arctic Offshore Farming.

AKVA group said it had signed its largest deal ever for a single feed barge – for an undisclosed sum.

The 64mx13m barge has 800 tonnes of storage capacity onboard and is certified for significant wave heights of 7.5m. It has space for a Polarcirkel 1050 Work Boat in the stern and made with a slip to lift vessels on board to protect them from rough water. The barge is designed to operate 2 large submersible pens and is equipped with both Flexible Feeding and Waterborne Feeding.

Arctic Offshore Farming intend to use the feed barge in exposed locations and rough conditions north of the Polar Circle.

“This is a new step forward for the aquaculture industry. AKVA group contributes to setting a new industry standard for offshore farming with unique solutions combined with a focus on fish welfare and safe work conditions,” said Klaus Hatlebrekke, COO in Norway Royal Salmon.

“We are very proud to have such innovative people in AKVA group. To be able to deliver such a complex project shows capacity and is an important step in positioning AKVA group in this segment in the future,” said Tore Obrestad, Business Development Manager, Nordic CBT.

“The deal is a door opener for other deliveries in the project,” added Hatlebrekke.


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