AKVA Group signs new land-based contract with Sisomar

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AKVA group is delivering a new land-based facility for smolt producer Sisomar. The assignment follows an unbroken chain of developments and modernization projects during the last ten years.

“We’re very grateful that Sisomar once again has chosen AKVA group to be its partner for this exciting project,” said Ole Gabriel Kverneland, Sales Manager AKVA group Land Based, and added:

“We’re particularly happy to be working with a client who truly values the importance of developing good solutions in close collaboration with us in the supply chain. Over time, this is how we help each other improve and continuously build better facilities.”

AKVA group has delivered several new facilities to Sisomar during the last 10 years.

Biology in focus
Sisomar’s philosophy is close to AKVA group’s underlying strategy to develop technological solutions based on good fish health and solid biology.

“It’s all about creating an environment that makes the fish thrive as well as possible, and thus enables it to express its true biological potential. By caring for the fish, we will see better growth and higher survival rates,” said Kverneland.

Jon Meisfjord, General Manager of Sisomar, says the company has a strong focus on solutions and operations that ensure the fish does not experience unnecessary stress.

“Naturally, this is important from an economic perspective, but we also believe it’s an important factor in maintaining the industry’s long-term reputation. As of today, Sisomar has a smolt dividend of 93 – 95 percent for 0 year-olds. In terms of growth, both we and the rest of the industry still have a long way to go before we’re able to utilize the fish’s full potential, but the measures we have undertaken so far involving improved technology do have an effect. Now we need to focus on production after several years of expansion,” he said.

Sisomar is also keen to build facilities that utilize modern technology and automation in order to give its employees the best conditions to perform their work in a safe and efficient manner.

“This way we can also allocate released resources to focus on fish welfare,” Meisfjord pointed out.

Both Sisomar and AKVA group values the importance of developing technolgical solutions based upon the fish welfare.Long-term cooperation
During the last 10 years, AKVA group has delivered several new facilities and modernization projects for Sisomar.

“From our point of view, it’s been important not only to find an equipment supplier, but a long-term partner that we can trust to be there for us even after a facility is completed. We have long experience with deliveries from AKVA group and are confident that we will once again get a reliable and efficient facility,” Meisfjord says.


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