AKVA Group subsidiary, Aquatec Solutions, secures €15 million in land-based tech deal

editorial staff

To supply technology to smolt producer.

The aquaculture tech company provider AKVA Group has reported that subsidiary, Aquatec Solutions, reached a €15.6 million deal with Ænes Inkubator to provide land-based technology for the smolt producer, according to a stock exchange announcement on Tuesday.

Ænes, a joint operation of Eide Fjordbruk and Lingalaks, is in the process of building a new smolt facility in Ænes, Norway.

The facility has discharge permits for production of up to 20 million smolt, or 3,070 metric tons of biomass of salmon and trout. The company expects to raise the smolt to 1 kilo.

Aquatec will deliver the equipment between the first quarter of 2019 through the first quarter of 2021.


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