AKVA group to post between €4-5 million loss after cyber attack

editorial staff

Large loss in the first quarter for aquaculture equipment supplier.

On January 10th, the company was subjected to a serious cyber attack in which several key systems were shut down.

AKVA group will post a cost related to the cyber attack in January in the range of EUR 4-5 million in the first quarter of 2021.

“It was a bizarre situation. All data, including backup, was encrypted. The good news is that no data was lost, and our main systems are now up. However, several support systems are still down and we have 15-20 experts working to deal with the situation,” AKVA group’s chief executive Knut Nesse said during today’s quarterly presentation, according to TDN Finans.

He said he believes the company has handled the situation relatively well, at least from a customer perspective. With a few exceptions, there have been no delays in deliveries.

Nesse further stated that the company sees some headwinds in the short term as a result of the COVID situation, which he said may also continue somewhat into the second quarter.


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