Algae bloom kills 25 tonnes of salmon at Australis site


The mortality of around 4,600 fish, caused by harmful algae bloom, was detected on November 14, in Magallanes, Chile.

Australis itself warned about the incident, according to the National Fisheries and Aquaculture Service of Magallanes, Sernapesca, reports La Prensa Austral.

“1.1 million fish was distributed in 15 cages, with an average weight of 5.4 kilo each,” the regional director of Sernapesca, Patricio Díaz, stated. He further said timely action could be taken, which reduced the burden of the algae bloom.

During the monitoring period after the incident, mortality levels fell from four tonnes per day (700 units/day) at the highpoint of the crisis, to less than 1.5 tonnes per day.

Sernapesca will continue to monitor the area, to be able to undertake timely action in other possible cases.

In 2016 Chile’s salmon farms lost $800 Mn as algal bloom killed millions of fish. 


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