Algae oil producer achieved 50% volume increase as demand for Omega-3 rises

Editorial Staff

Algae oil producer Veramaris increased its production volume by 50% in 2023.

“2023 marks a pivotal year for Veramaris, as we not only achieved a record increase in production volumes but also solidified our market position. We are now poised to scale up sustainably, streamlining our production processes and forging new partnerships,” said Veramaris CEO Gertjan de Koning.

This growth in output was achieved with an increase of just 3% higher greenhouse gas emissions, according to the company’s new Sustainable Development Report 2023 released on Monday.

This commitment to sustainability is further evidenced by the recent registration of a 27% lower product carbon footprint, reflecting the company’s ongoing efforts across multiple initiatives to simultaneously decarbonize and improve the efficiency of its operations.

The company has been at the forefront of addressing the market’s growing need for sustainable Omega-3 EPA & DHA, which has risen in parallel with the global trend towards greater demand for aquaculture and healthy seafood.


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