Algae outbreaks hit Grieg’s production costs in Canada

Editorial staff

Grieg Seafood’s total harvest volume in the third quarter was 22,900 tonnes. This harvest volume was distributed as follows per region:

  • Rogaland: 6,800 tonnes
  • Finnmark: 8,200 tonnes
  • British Columbia: 7,900 tonnes

The average farming cost per kilogram in the quarter was as follows:

  • Rogland: NOK 51.8 (€5.2)
  • Finnmark: NOK 45.8 (€4.6)
  • British Columbia: CAD 10.1 (€7.5)

“The farming cost in British Columbia was impacted by biological challenges, including seasonal algae incidents,” Grieg Seafood stated in a trading update on Friday morning.


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