Algea bloom hits Salmones Camanchaca sites, mass mortality action plan activated

editorial staff

664,653 Atlantic salmon potentially affected at one site.

Aquaculture and fishing authority Sernapesca writes that it is monitoring an increase in mortality at two Salmones Camanchaca sites due to low oxygen caused by an algae bloom.

Wellboat “Ana Cristina”. PHOTO: Salmones Camanchaca

Salmones Camanchaca reported an increase in mortality at its Nieves site, Los Lagos, Southern Chile. 664,653 (four kg sized) Atlantic salmon have been affected.

The same algae bloom hit another site nearby, though it was not reported how many have died, or been affected.

The removal of the dead fish is being carried out by the salmon farmers’ wellboat “Ana Cristina”.

Sernapesca said it will continue to monitor the withdrawal as part of its mass mortality plan.