All “high-risk” imported cold-storage food will need to be tested in Shanghai, say authorities

editorial staff

Authorities did not specify what it meant by “high-risk” imports.

Reuters reports that Chinese authorities in the capital say that all “high-risk” imported cold-storage food is to be tested for coronavirus. Furthermore, all packaging will need to be disinfected before being stored or sold in Shanghai.

Authorities have detected positive samples detected on beef, pork and seafood imports of recent. In June, a high profile case was widely reported around the world when coronavirus was detected on a chopping board for imported salmon at Xinfadi market.

Additional reporting from Reuters added that China’s tightened cold chain guidelines are calling for “complete elimination” and “strict refusal of entry” of any products suspected of contact with the virus.

The publication wrote that the announcement was made in a post on the city’s official WeChat account on Sunday. However, Shanghai city government has not specified what it means by “high-risk” imports.


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