All time high for salmon exports reported

Norwegian Seafood Council says that salmon exports made October a “historic month”.

Norway exported 251,000 tonnes of seafood worth nearly EUR 1 billion in October. Compared with October 2017, volume was down by 12 per cent, but export value increased by 10 per cent or EUR 92.7 million according to a press release from the Norwegian Seafood Council.

Most of that growth can be attributed to salmon, said Seafood Council CEO, Renate Larsen who said that “October 2018 is also historic for the salmon.”

Norway exported 104,000 tonnes of salmon with a value of NOK 6.5 billion (EUR 681,9 million) in October. This is a volume increase of 8 per cent and a value increase of 15 percent or NOK 827 million (EU 86.7 million) compared to October 2017. So far this year, Norway has exported 862,000 tonnes of salmon worth NOK 55.8 billion EUR (5.8 billion) This is a volume increase of 7 per cent, and a value increase of 5 per cent or NOK 2.5 billion compared with the same period in 2017. The average price for whole fresh salmon in October was NOK 58.39 (EUR 6.1) per kg against NOK 54.50 (EUR 5.7) per kg in October 2017. Poland and France were the largest salmon markets in October.

“October has beaten all records and there are several reasons for this. We saw a slightly weak September, but exports have risen sharply in October. Poland and the Netherlands, both of which are primarily forwarding nations, had a volume growth of 43 and 29 per cent respectively. This gives an indication of a positive consumer trend in other markets, such as Germany. The price increases and volume growth indicate that we are seeing a real growth in demand for Norwegian salmon”, said Seafood Analyst Paul T. Aandahl.


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